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Non Ruck Whelping Mat

Unique design whelping mat that doesn't ruck up. The dog breeders best friend.


The behaviour of a bitch digging the bedding during and after whelping causes a problem with puppies disappearing under loose bedding means you the owner, probably won't sleep for at least two nights. Our Whelping Mat will give you peace of mind and sleep. The top layer of fabric is high quality fleece bedding stitched on three sides to a waterproof base. The fourth side has a velcro opening into which is inserted a polypropylene stiffener. The combination of the stitiching and stiffener ensures that the mat cannot ruck up.
To wash simply remove the stiffener, sponge it down with an anti bacterial agent and place the outer in the washing machine. If you are purchasing one of our larger mats then they are split into two sections held together on the back of the mat by a wide strip of strong velcro. This will allow you to fit the mat into your washing machine.

Need a different size? Please contact us and we will be happy to quote a price.

  1. Life Saving Mats   Posted by Elangelblue frenchies on 18th Mar 2016

    These are a must have for anyone planning a litter. They literally save puppies lives as in my 20 years experience of breeding they prevent the mother from burying the pups which leads to them suffocating. I have used these for years , they wash great and last for years!

  2. Very effective   Posted by Catherine Drysdale on 22nd Jan 2016

    Purchased my 2nd non ruck whelping mat as I was so pleased with the 1st! It gives you confidence knowing that the bitch can't dig up the bedding and bury any puppies. They're easy to wash too and disinfect the polypropylene base.
    The only comment I would make is that they could do with being in another colour as well as white as I've found I've sometimes needed to add stain remover when washing them or the deeper stains won't wash out.
    The actual product is excellent though and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone to give them peace of mind with a litter, I wouldn't be without them now.

  3. Great product   Posted by Fiona on 19th Nov 2015

    Great product, as described. Well made and well packaged with good delivery.

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