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Pet Sheet Standard Back Seat Cover


Made from our 100% cotton pet sheet, the tight weave on this cover ensures sand, mud and grit do not
penetrate the cover. Perfect for fabric upholsteries but not recommended for leather seats. Our new
design includes a better overall fit, a valance section to protect the edges of the seat and now includes
access to seatbelt anchor holes as standard. Available in Olive, Grey or Black.

Small suits seat bases up to 49” in length and 18” in depth
Medium suits seat bases up to 55” in length and 19” in depth
Large suits seat bases up to 58” in length and 20” in depth

IMPORTANT - The seat covers have a side slit to facilitate side seat mounted airbags only.

Any further questions on the effect of deployment of your vehicles safety systems including side seat mounted airbags

whilst using seat covers should be directed to the vehicle manufacturer.

  1. A real seat saver   Posted by Josephine Tunley on 18th Oct 2017

    We have a dog who can’t travel in the back with the others so has to go on the back seat. When deciding to get a cover for the back seat I had no hesitation in choosing this one as many years ago I got a set of covers for the front seats which have been wonderful and kept the seats in excellent condition. Unfortunately the drivers seat cover is finally wearing so I shall shortly be ordering a set of new ones for the front. They really keep the hair and grit etc out of the seat, wash easily and will last for many years.

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