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Toyota Verso 2009 - Onwards Custom Front Seat Covers

Top Quality British Made Custom Front Seat Covers for your Toyota Verso. Durable and Waterproof.


If you want glove fit tailored seat covers for your Toyota Verso then our Custom Quiltie Front Seats are for you.

Tailored to the shape of individual makes and models of vehicles these front seat covers are ideal for both fabric and leather upholstery.

These covers have a non slip base, are fully waterproof and can be machine washed. Covering headrests, back and front of the seat ensures your seat is fully protected.


IMPORTANT - The seat covers have a side slit to facilitate side seat mounted airbags only. Any further questions on the effect of deployment of your vehicles safety systems including side seat mounted airbags whilst using seat covers should be directed to the vehicle manufacturer. 

Note - All colours are edged in black.

Please note the pictures shown are generic images - each cover is different, depending on your vehicle.

  1. Exceptional Service   Posted by Ken Davis on 14th Oct 2015

    The seat covers are outstanding but the customer relations was truly great. We were due to go on holiday and it looked as if I had left it too late for normal shipping to get the covers to us before we had to leave. I called and asked if anything could be done and was told that the order would be expedited. We received the covers the day before we left. With our new puppy traveling with us it made it much easier to go on our holiday. Thanks to the staff at OTT.

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