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5 ways to avoid that kryptonite head tilt from your dog this easter

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We've all been there scoffing away on our second (lets be honest third) Easter egg when we see 'the look'. It gets you every time, those soft brown eyes and the slight tilt of their head which is basically our version of superman's kryptonite when it come to our dogs. So do we lean down and offer them some of our delicious chocolate? NO we DO NOT, to our dogs CHOCOLATE IS TOXIC.


So how do we treat our dog and let our canine family member join in with the Easter holiday fun!

Well here is a list of ideas that we've come up with in the OTT office.

      1. Find a hollow toy and stuff it with goodness!

There are many toys out there which are deliberately hollow so that you fill it full of your dogs favourite treats. Why not look up some homemade recipes (make sure they are doggy safe) and fill the toy with a new and special recipe this Easter.

2.Involve your dog in their own egg hunt

Sneak around your garden when your dogs not looking and hide away a batch of brand new tennis balls! Then go on a tennis ball hunt. Every time they find a tennis ball treat them with a small titbit! Double whammy on the treat front! Be careful if your combining this with one for children though, you don't want your dog eating the chocolate treats!

3. Go traditional - get a dog friendly chocolate egg

Every year I notice more and more easter eggs for dogs made with dog safe ingredients. So if you really want to give your dog a chocolate egg this is the way to go. Purchase them from a reputable pet shop so you can be assured they are dog friendly.

4. Have game of throw and fetch!

Go back to basics and spend some time with your dog in the great outdoors. If like us you are rubbish at throwing then there are several devices out there to help you throw the ball further for your dog. My personal favourite is the chuckit ball launcher.

5. Good old fashioned walk in the countryside

Lets face it after two (lets be honest three) easter eggs your going to have some calories to burn. Take your dog and the family out for a long walk in the countryside and don't let the typical bank holiday rain put you off. Trust me there is nothing better than coming home to a dry warm house and snuggling up on the sofa with a nice cuppa, and with all those calories burnt off there is now room for that third (ok fourth) chocolate egg. Don't worry the dog wont notice you will have hopefully by now worn him out! 

Remember if your feeding your dog treats this Easter do so in small quantities.

Happy Easter


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