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How to Fit your custom boot liner

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All OTT Boot Liners come in sections for ease of fitting and washing. Your boot liner will contain the following

Side Covers

Back Of Back Seat Cover

Floor Mat

Bumper Flap or Down Tailgate Cover for cars with split tailgates.

Preparation is key when fitting your liner. Always make sure your boot area is clear of dog hairs, grit, sand and mud and any plastic sides have been wiped down with a  damp cloth.

Our boot liners fit using a Velcro system. Some cars are 'Velcro friendly' and the Velcro sewn onto the boot liner side covers will stick directly to your carpet.

Some vehicles however are not 'Velcro friendly (this can include some carpeted vehicles also) and will require the use of adhesive backed Velcro.

In the case of new vehicles or vehicles that have been treated with interior cleaning products there will be a build up of silicone on the sides of your vehicle. This will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive Velcro. We suggest you use a silicone remover cleaner to prepare the surface. We recommend tar remover products such as Autoglym Tar Remover. These products can be found in most motor accessory or hardware stores. Always patch test a small area in your vehicle when using any cleaners.

Unpeel the white backing strips from the sticky back Velcro and place onto you car only where needed to match up to the Velcro sewn to your side covers. Use long strips of adhesive Velcro that match the Velcro strips sewn on your covers, do not cut adhesive Velcro into small squares.

It is always best to fit your boot liner starting with the back of backseat cover, followed by the side covers and then the boot floor mat and bumper flap/down tailgate.

When you are ready to wash your liner, gentle separate the liner away from the sides by running your finger behind the Velcro. Wash your liner at no more than 40 degrees with a non biological powder and do not use fabric conditioner. It is best to position the covers so that the quilted layer is facing towards the drum and the rubber backing is not touching the drum, this produces the best cleaning results. Do not tumble dry. Once dry put your boot liner back in your boot for for a fresher smelling car.

For more information about our customer boot liner visit  http://www.overthetop.co.uk/custom-car-boot-liner/

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