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How to Clean Your Washable Dog Beds

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If you own a dog, the chances are he or she has their own bed to relax and sleep in. Inevitably, this bed will get dirty from drool, food, dirt and maybe even urine from time to time. This will no doubt make the bed, and your home, smell bad and any fleas or eggs brought in from outside could result in an infestation. Luckily, washable dog beds mean that this is a problem easily solved with regular washing and vacuuming. Read on for our steps and advice for cleaning washable dog beds.

  1. First of all, washable dog beds are made of two parts - the cover and the cushion. Remove the cushion and vacuum both the cushion and the cover to remove fur, dirt and any fleas or eggs that might be hiding in the fibres. Make sure you hoover both parts thoroughly and use a lint roller for any hairs that won’t budge. Doing this helps ensure as much debris as possible is removed, and prevents a build-up of fur in your washing machine that will be transferred onto your clothing.
  2. Next, find out which parts can go in the washing machine. With washable dog beds, you will probably find that either all of it can go in or at least the cover. Wash according to the instructions on the bed and use a pet-safe detergent to avoid causing skin irritation. If you are concerned that residual hair may go into your washing machine put the cover or bed in a large pillow case or old duvet cover. This means the hairs won’t go into your machine but will be contained in an item you can easily shake outside.
  3. Once your dog bed is clean allow to air dry to avoid shrinkage.
  4. Repeat these steps as necessary, depending on your dog’s age and breed. Older dogs, for example, may have a weaker bladder and you may need to wash the bed frequently. Similarly, breeds which moult will need their washable dog beds cleaning more regularly. Once a week is usually best to avoid a build-up of dirt and bad smells.

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