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Car Seat Covers Protect Against Scratches, Mud and Wet

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Many people, when choosing whether to buy a family pet, consider factors such as damage to their cars. Dogs get dirty, can accidentally scratch surfaces and often absorb rain into their fur – only for it to then be soaked into your clean car seats. There’s an easy solution that means you can experience the joy of welcoming a new member of the family without risking damaging what’s most likely the second most expensive thing you own. That solution is car seat covers.

Some people choose to transport their pets in the boot, others prefer using pet seat belts and travel with their pet in a normal seat. Sitting your pet in one of the normal seats can be helpful for a number of reasons. It can help keep your pet calm as they can easily see you and are less likely to slide around since they are attached to the seat belt. Some people also prefer other members of the family being close to the pet – children, for example, can be difficult to keep sat down properly in the car with their pet behind them.

There are, however, a number of problems associated with sitting your dog on a car seat.

Firstly, dog claws often scratch the car seats and cause lots of expensive damage. Leather seats can easily get scratched and torn, and fabric seats can have threads pulled or can also easily be torn. This causes damage only fixable with expensive repairs, but avoidable with car seat covers.

Secondly, dogs often get muddy, sandy and wet after walks. Whether you like to take your dog into the forest, the fields or to the beach, they often get wet and dirty within minutes of exploring. This can cause dismay in car owners as their pet gets their car smelly and dirty, meaning the owner has to clean their car (or pay for it to be done!) before anyone can sit in that seat again. This can be time consuming and costly, but again it is easily solved by using car seat covers.

Finally, one of the most feared aspects of having a pet is that they will have a little accident in the car. This again gets the car smelly and dirty, and could even mean that the owner needs to buy a whole new car seat – expensive! This is nothing to worry about, however, if you have car seat covers – especially if they’re waterproof.

If you want to keep your car mud, scratch and mess free but still have your own lovable pet then visit our site to see our range of car seat covers.

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