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Dogs, boots, bikes – protect your car with boot liners

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In this day and age it’s easy to become distanced from nature and the great outdoors. Most of us are too busy with our work lives and new technology to explore and enjoy the outside world in the more rural areas of the country. Often the most beautiful places to visit are difficult to get to, meaning you need to drive there. Easy enough, but many of us find that these trips are too messy with our cars becoming muddy and damaged as a result. There is a solution, however, and that’s boot liners.

Dogs are the number one example when it comes to things that make your car messy. Dogs are man’s best friend and we love taking our canine friends everywhere with us. Not only that, but many of us find that it is impractical to leave them behind as they need feeding and walking throughout the day. This means that wherever we go, the dogs tend to go with us. This is fine on a city break or in a more urban area where we’re unlikely to find any mud or grass, spare the occasional park. On a country break where we can really experience nature, however, there’s plenty of mud and grass and leaves for our pets to enjoy. And they love it. The only problem is that, when it comes to home time, our pets tend to cover our boots in wet and dirt – meaning that we either have a huge cleaning job (or bill) or we might even have a ruined car. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a boot liner?

Similarly, if you’ve donned a pair of wellies or boots whilst exploring the great outdoors, you might choose to put these in the boot along with any other dirty clothing such as waterproof trousers. This also makes a mess of the boot, again meaning you may struggle to get your boot clean and risk damaging it. You might say you can put all of the family’s boots, trousers and coats in plastic bags, but wouldn’t it be easier if you had boot liners instead?

Another way of adventuring in the countryside is by bicycle, and you may also choose to store your bike in the boot. Perhaps you haven’t got a bike rack, or maybe the auntie and uncle are joining you this year and you don’t have room on your rack for their bikes. Luckily, lots of bikes have clip-on wheels meaning they can easily be partially dismantled and stored in the boot. The only problem, again, is that the muddy bikes will no doubt cover your boot in dirt. This might not happen very often, but it only needs to happen once for you to have a filthy boot that’s almost impossible to clean.

Unfortunately, all of these scenarios can put us off country visits in the future, depriving both us, our dogs and our families of the trips we truly enjoy. The solution? Boot liners.

Boot liners are a simple way of covering your entire boot with a protective lining so none of your boot gets muddy or wet. Boot liners are easy to put in your boot and easy to take out, meaning there’s very little effort involved and it’s stress and effort-free to wash your boot liners.

If you want to keep your car mud-free but still enjoy the countryside visit our site to see our range of boot liners, including those made especially for certain makes and models of cars.

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