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Going holiday with your dog - seat covers, dog beds, dog accessories

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Sharing your holiday with your dog is a wonderful experience avoiding separation and kennel costs. For a stress free holiday with your companion here are a few tips.

The Journey

Some dogs travel better than others but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to shed hair and transfer dirt onto your seats. If you then have to spend the rest of your holiday using the car the last thing you want is mucky seats. The use of car seat covers will protect your interior. If you know your dog gets travel sickness make sure you choose a cover which can easily be wiped down.It is a good idea to have your dog in harness to stop them from climbing around the car distracting you whilst driving, if your dog is in a harness remember to purchase a car seat cover which will allow access to the seatbelt anchor points.


We aren't the only ones who want a comfortable bed in their accommodation, our dog will expect a place to sleep just like they get at home. Cramming their usual dog bed into your car can be difficult when its already brimming with luggage. You may want to consider a travel dog bed, these beds are designed to roll or fold up taking up a small amount of space in transit. Some of them may even be suitable for the dog to lie on whilst travelling.


Your dog will still expect their daily exercise whilst on holiday. Check before booking your accommodation there is an area to do this, if by the beach make sure the beach is dog friendly. Your dog may get wet and mucky whilst out and about with you so make sure you take a good dog towel with you. Portable travel dog bowls will ensure your dog can always have access to water.


If your dog relies on medication make sure you take this with you, pack it well in advance so as not to forget it. Find out who the local vet is where you are staying and store their number in your phone, hopefully you will not need them but quick contact with them in an emergency can be vital. Put together a first aid kit for your dog that you can take out and about with you in case of emergency.

Planning Ahead

It is always a good idea to plan ahead your itinerary for your holiday and include in this places that are dog friendly. If you have to eat out have a list of dog friendly pubs etc. If you want to go to non dog friendly place find out if there is a dog sitting service or a day kennel nearby that you can take your dog to.

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