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Keep Your House Clean with Washable Dog Beds

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Dog beds often get dirty and smelly for a number of reasons; your dog may be sick, or he or she may wet the bed. Even if your dog does neither of these things, dog beds tend to get dirty and smelly over time simply from usage. Dog paws are frequently dirty and smelly from being outside, and wet dog fur can also make the bed smell bad. Read on to find out how washable dog beds could help this.


Dogs can be sick for a number of reasons, often due to the sheer range of things they will attempt to eat, such as bin scraps, socks, plastic toys and garden plants. Although it is sometimes a sign of something more serious, it is usually one of these simple stomach irritants that causes your dog to be sick. Some dogs may warn their owners that they are going to be sick, but sometimes they simply cannot wait – much like us humans when we are ill. Unfortunately, when we do not manage to get our pets outside in time, they may vomit on their dog bed. If the bed is not washable then there will permanently stain on the bed, which is evidently unclean and uncomfortable for both you and your pet. One way around this is washable dog beds. Since they are easily washed, dog vomit is no problem and your house will be back to smelling and feeling clean and fresh in no time.


Dogs may wet the bed for a number of reasons, often due to insecurity and submissiveness. A dog may wet its bed if it smells like you, in order to mask its scent in that of its protector – to make it feel less vulnerable around potential predators. Some dogs are simply submissive in nature, and may wet the bed as a sign of respect. Whilst this may seem contradictory to us, dogs who are extremely submissive or have recently been scolded will often wee in unconventional areas to make themselves feel safe. If your dog wets the bed and you cannot wash it, it needs to be replaced. Unlike a little bit of vomit, the dog’s urine will likely soak through the bed much easier and ruin the bed. Washable dog beds are an ideal solution as accidents can easily be cleaned up straight away.

Regardless of whether your dog is ever sick, or ever wets the bed, it will no doubt smell bad eventually from dog paws and wet fur. Buying a new bed every time it needs washing is both expensive and unnecessary, and washable dog beds are a great alternative. Simply wash when it is dirty!

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