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Protect the interior of your new Discovery Sport with a custom boot liner and seat covers

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Picking up your new Discovery Sport and driving it off the forecourt with its gleaming paintwork and immaculate interior is a wonderful feeling. Not so wonderful though when you use it in the real world. The paint work gets mucky quickly and the interior soon gets muddy from the dog, children and gardening! A trip to the local car wash will get that paint work gleaming again but what about the interior. In our experience covering your seats and boot will prevent damage to your car and protect its value.

Boot liners

Avoid hours of vacuuming dog hairs out of the carpet and stop scratches appearing in your boot area with a boot liner. Our custom boot liner has been designed to fit the crevices and curves of the Discovery Sport boot interior to ensure that you do not loose any valuable space. This also means that hair and dirt will not get trapped in any gaps behind the liner. Made from our premium quilted fabric which features a non slip waterproof backing, padded middle and quilted cotton top layer our boot liner comes in four sections. A back of back seat cover which clips around your rear seat head rest poles, two side covers which Velcro to your boot sides, a floor mat which attaches to your sides covers and a bumper flap to protect your bumper from scratches. Our boot liners are machine washable so you can keep the interior of your car smelling fresh.

Seat Covers

You will have spent a great deal of time making sure you choose the right interior options for your Discovery Sport so it is important that the seat covers you choose to protect your front and back seats look stylish so as not to ruin the look and feel of your interior. Our Discovery Sport custom front seat covers and back seat covers have been designed to fit the shape and size of your seats so that they do not look baggy on your seat or get in your way when driving. Our custom front seat covers cover the sides, back and front of your seats to ensure all round protection so there will be no more foot marks from the children on the back of the front seat or mud splatters from the dog. Our custom back seat covers protect the entire seat area that is sat on and includes the option of seatbelt anchor holes and split seats so that you can lower sections of your seat without having to remove the entire cover. All our custom seat covers are made from our machine washable premium quilte fabric which is available in a choice of colours to match your interior.

Click here to go to our custom seat covers range. We have a large number of patterns for numerous makes and models of vehicles.

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