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Why Boot Liners Are a Must in Your Shiny New Car

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There is no better feeling than the one you get when you drive your brand new car off the forecourt for the very first time. Investing in your new mode of transport will have cost you dearly so it’s vital you kit it out with products that will keep it looking new, otherwise it won’t be long before it starts looking as beaten-up as your old one! Read on to find out why boot liners are such an important investment - and get some other great tips on car accessories too!

Boot liners are a helpful addition to your car. If you have dogs then this is a great way of providing them with a comfy place to sit whilst in transit, while at the same time protecting the fabric of your car. Boot liners will also help to prevent the boot starting to smell of dog, and of course they will also make sure that your car doesn’t get coated in a layer of dog hair.

Even if you don’t have dogs, boot liners are a great idea. Think how many times muddy wellies get thrown in the boot without a care - boot liners will ensure that the mud doesn’t get stuck to the inside fabric. Or if you aren’t the outdoors type, imagine the mess and stains that get spilt when bringing your weekly foodshop home. Simply pull out your boot liner from time to time and give it a good wash before refitting it so that it can continue to protect your car.

Alongside boot liners, it’s also a great idea to fit some seat covers too. This will ensure that your seats remain in a pristine condition for a long time to come. With no marks, scuffs or stains, you will find it very easy to sell your car on when the time comes. Custom seat covers will fit exactly to the contours of your car seats meaning they won’t shift or fall off.

Of course you’ll want to put some foot mats in too as these go a long way towards protecting the carpet of your car. Invest in some heavy-duty ones that will last for a very long time. You’ll be amazed at how clean they keep the footwells of the car.

Looking after your brand new car takes effort but you will be rewarded - your car will stay in great shape and will retain its value. If you’d like to find out about boot liners and other car protecting accessories then give the experts at Over the Top a call - we’ll be delighted to help.

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