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Why Should You Buy Luxury Dog Beds?



Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture for humans – after all, we spend a third of our lives in them. Most of us know that having luxury dog beds for our best friends is just as important. Read on to find out why.


In the colder months, hard flooring can be uncomfortably cold to lie on. Laminate, lino and tile flooring are popular in homes and the chances are you have some in yours. Providing a luxury dog bed protects your dog from the cold of the floor and raises them slightly so they are not hit by any drafts either.


Just like humans, dogs like to have their own private place to relax. This helps them feel safe and allows them to retreat from family life. Having a luxury dog bed also gives your dog their own space to sleep and having his or her own territory will give them a sense of security.


Dog beds are also ideal for providing comfort and support for your dog’s joints and bones. Just like humans, dogs need their body to be adequately supported whilst they rest and sleep, and luxury dog beds are a great way of fulfilling this need. This is especially so with senior dogs who may suffer from arthritis and overweight dogs who may suffer bone or joint problems as a result of their weight. You can even buy orthopaedic dog beds especially for those with special joint and bone needs.


This is a benefit just for you! Having a dog bed which your dog views as his or her territory will inevitably keep them off your furniture once they are trained to do so. Luxury dog beds are just as comfortable as your sofas and beds, so your dog won’t mind resting on them instead. This helps prevent hair, dirt and other unwanted things your dog may bring in from outside such as insects and eggs and even fleas! If you’ve ever had a wet or dirty dog jump up on your furniture then you’ll know how important it is to keep them down, but often guilt gets in the way of our desire to be clean. With luxury dog beds, there’s no need to feel guilty as your dog can rest in comfort and your furniture stays fresh!


Our range of luxury dog beds are produced in a range of unique fabrics such as our Labrador print fabric or tweed. These can become stylish additions to your home rather than something you want to hide behind the sofa!

If you would like to view our range of luxury dog beds then visit Over the Top today.

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