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Skoda Citygo 2011 - Onwards Custom Back Seat Cover

Top Quality, British Made Custom Back Seat Cover for your Skoda Citygo. Comfortable and Waterproof.


If you want a more tailored made to measure cover for your Skoda Citygo then this is the product for you.

Made from our premium Quiltie material the Custom Back Seat Cover offers a made to measure cover for individual makes and models and offers waterproof protection.

A non slip base makes this cover ideal for fabric and leather upholstery and with a strong cotton top layer you can be sure of comfort and warmth for both dogs and passengers.

Options include seat belt holes and a 60/40 split to enable you to fold just one part of the seat down with the cover in place.

The optional Extender piece protects your footwell areas and the back of your front seats. It is also a great way to separate your dog off from the front of the car. The extender clips around your front seat headrest poles on one end and the other end Velcro's to your chosen position on the base of your custom rear seat cover.

Please note the extender cannot be used if you have front seat covers in use.

Available in Charcoal Grey, Black or Oatmeal, these covers are also machine washable.


Please note the pictures shown are generic images - each cover is different, depending on your vehicle.


IMPORTANT - When using seat covers in your vehicle please consult your dealer or vehicle
manufacturer to ensure they will not interfere with your vehicles safety systems.





  1. Great quality product   Posted by Alix. on 10th Sep 2016

    These seat covers are great, the fit over the back seats is fabulous, and they were easy to fit in the car. They are thick and great quality - the waterproof backing is soft against the leather/suede seats underneath - and are going to be fabulous with transporting our two, often wet and muddy, dogs. We had the split seat cover with the holes for the seat belts, the flaps for covering the seat belt clips when not in use are really good too, and the panels velcro together securely to allow for lots of options. Would highly recommend, top quality product and well worth the money. We are confident they are going to more than do the job! Thank you for your great service.

  2. Perfect fit   Posted by Richard P on 16th Jan 2015

    I have 3 dogs one of which is occasionally car sick therefore car seat covers are essential. My previous car was a Skoda Fabia and when I part exchanged the rear seat was as good as new. This one is an even better fit with flaps to cover the holes for the seat belts. I defy the little devil to get his sick past them.
    The cover is undoubtedly expensive but worth it in the long run.

  3. Exactly as described   Posted by Harry on 30th May 2014

    I bought a back seat cover for my skoda with split rear seats. It fitted perfectly: easy access to the seat belt anchors and a precise fit in all three dimensions. The fabric is touch but easy to brush/vacuum. I've only one slight reservation. The cover is secured at the top by three (rucksack-type) straps and clips which fit around the three head-restraints. They were a real fiddle for my arthritic fingers and I could have done with them 5 cm longer to help with the fitting - although now I think about it I could easily have pulled the backrests down to do it. Why not a short Utube type video to demonstrate how they might be fitted? Would I buy again. Yes!.

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