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Custom Car Boot Liner

Top Quality British Made Custom Boot Liners designed specifically for your car. Durable and Waterproof.


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Over The Top custom boot liners are manufactured to fit the curves and crevices of individual makes and models of vehicles ensuring that no valuable boot space is lost. To our knowledge we are the only UK manufacturer to offer such a detailed tailored service ensuring that you can protect the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Our Custom Boot Liners are made using our premium Quiltie fabric which consists of three layers, a non slip base, absorbent wadding middle and a strong cotton top layer you can be sure you will receive maximum protection for you boot area. Not only do our covers give a stylish look to your vehicle but you will also receive waterproof protection.

The Boot Liner is made up of a back of back seat protector, side covers and a non slip floor mat and either a bumper flap or down tailgate cover. The side covers attach via velcro, some vehicles will require the application of adhesive backed velcro which will be supplied if necessary.

The back of backseat cover attaches via clips round the rear seat headrest poles and the floor mat sits in place with the upstand attaching directly to the side covers.

Please note the pictures shown are generic images - each cover is different depending on your vehicle.


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