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Seat covers and boot liners in our new oatmeal quiltie

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All Over The Top custom seat covers are made using our premium Quiltie fabric which consists of a rubber non slip waterproof backing, a wadded inner and a quilted cotton top layer. Quiltie is a tough yet stylish material which can be machine washed.

When Over The Top first introduced our unique quilted boot liners and seat covers over 20 years ago they were only available in Green Tweed. Many have attempted to replicate our fabric over the years but nothing quite stands upto the tough yet stylish qualities of our unique fabric which has a rubber non slip waterproof backing, a wadded inner and a quilted cotton top layer.

Since its original launch Quiltie fabric has since been introduced in Black and Charcoal Grey. Over the last year we have been asked by many of our customers if we have considered introducing the Quiltie in a lighter colour. As a result we have recently launched our Oatmeal Quiltie. The Oatmeal is great for those of you who want a seat cover or boot liner to blend in with your existing lighter interiors and also keeps the inside of your vehicle feeling light and airy.

If you would like to see some examples of our quilted boot liners and seat covers in our Oatmeal Quiltie please click here to be redirected to our online gallery.

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